Gravel Road Management
& Dust Control


SWP 109:

It's been used for 60 years to control dust and stabilize gravel on unpaved roads in the mining as well as the civil sector. For dust control, you can spray it on the surface. For stabilization and dust control, it's better to mix it with the top few millimetres of the road surface. It's water soluble, environmentally friendly, easy to handle and apply, and very cost-effective.


The benefits include increased load-bearing capacity (similar to a 1.5-inch layer of asphalt concrete), a firmer road surface without loose gravel, dust abatement, reduced frost-heave damage, and cost-savings in both construction and maintenance.


The surface will still develop potholes, and you'll need to scrape off and remix the top layer after a few months, but by all accounts, maintenance procedures can be significantly reduced.


In short, WSP 109:

• Reduces the amount of gravel needed in construction and maintenance 

• Extends the service life of the gravel-wearing course 

• Serves as a viable cost-effective alternative to an asphalt surface treatment 

• Controls dust and reinforces stabilization

• Helps improve roads when used over time.


Please do not hesitate to call us with ANY enquiries on SWP 109. We will assist with your setup on-site, as well as proper training as to where and when application should be done. We are aiming on setting up our clients with tanks on our cost, where the water cart can be filled. Remember that SWP 109 is diluted to a ratio of 1:3(1lt SWP109 to 3lt water) SWP 109 is a necessity, according to the NATIONAL ENVIROMENTAL ACT (Act no 107 of 1998) on dust management.